Macgyver-ing the foods we love best.

If you don’t know who Macgyver is, then I suggest you tab over to YouTube and watch an episode. Now make sure it’s the one from the 80s. Two reasons: 1-His mullet game is STRONG and 2-Macgyver actually had to get himself out of tough spots without technology (aka cell phones).

This is actually one of my favorites

Spoiler alert…..

Macgyver is known for getting out of tough situations using only the resources around him. Like, crazy stuff. Like he’s stuck in a prison with one window but its 12 feet above him and all he has is a banana peel (really common in 1980s for some reason) and a match and SOMEHOW he gets out!!

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

Doing Keto as a WOE (way of eating) for two years now, I’ve had to adapt things I love to eat into things that I can eat. Now I am an adult and can eat whatever I like BUT because I am in ketosis, my body does not always agree with “eating whatever I like.”


So by scientific method, I have had to test and try many many different foods to try to get them to 1-taste good enough to make again and 2-qualify for curbing that craving that I am getting for that food.

I am totally Macgyvering food left and right to try to make Keto something that isn’t hard, isn’t tasteless and that I’m not constantly hungry. No one wants me hangry. For real.

I have a Facebook group as well as an Instagram page where we have been talking about ‘keto-izing’ our favorite foods. So the requests are in, challenge accepted and here is what I have come up with.

challenge-accepted-barney-stinson-06Ice cream
You all know that I love Craig from He’s SUPER real and LOVES food. So it was no surprise when I started doing research about good ice cream that is also Keto he was where it was winning.


Now let’s say you are at your local grocery store and are not having spending your time making ice cream aka #BethRealness Then I can hook you up as well.

I love the Halo top deserts. I also add Reddi Whip to them to make them creamier with a no carb on top. I have also heard that Enlightened is amazing. I have yet to find it so if you have an you have thoughts on it, please tell me!

My personal favorite is candy bar. It is…amazing.

This is literally something I never crave but really like. Odd right? I think it stems from me being ‘lactose intolerant’ (which was actually just my body saying no thank you to carbs AND dairy) for so many years.

I have tried a LOT of cheesecake recipes and here are my favorites (from Craig of course because he literally does stuff that tastes good!) My favorite are the key lime because it feels so much like I am having key lime pie. I love it. Also again…add Reddi Whip because who doesn’t have whip with pie?


French Toast
I mean…what’s better than bread? Bread with sugar and cinnamon fried up in a pan.

So unless you make your own keto bread (this one is my favorite and is perfect for breakfast dishes because I find it a bit eggy), you’d need to buy it.


A few ketotarians enjoy this brand, which can be found on Amazon.


Past that, add your egg and cinnamon and fry it up in a pan!

Who doesn’t love ooey gooey noodles and cheese? It’s the perfect comfort food. Of course on Keto we have to really Macgyver the crap out of our carb-heavy favs. Lasagna is one of those. I have two that are favorites based on what your daily allowed macros are. I always say that if you are really craving something and you have a portion allowed in your macros, go for it. If you love desert, then go minimal carb and have a great keto desert. If you love comfort food, have it but realize that the other meals (or mini-meals) need to be low to no carbs and sugar.

This one is a bit more involved but….holy moly….


Now many many ketotarians use vegetables like zucchini as carb replacements. I think its a great idea but you do have to be careful as even though they are not your typical carb noodles, zucchini does have carbs. For one medium zucchini it is 6g of carbs.


Here is my favorite zucchini lasagne


Dumplings (yum cha/dim sum)
A few years back, I worked for a global healthcare company that worked with diseases that were really rare. It was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to work with people that were often overlooked with their rare disease as well as being able to travel the world. Literally.

I spent a month traveling around the world, especially to my biggest customers in APAC (Asia, Pacific Islands, Australia, Japan and New Zealand). It was so eye opening culturally as well as professionally.

Well, I also feel in love with the food (of course). There is this amazing thing in China (and many other cultures) about love and food. You can feel the love that someone has through the food to you.

Dim Sum are Chinese dumplings and literally heaven on earth. The Cantonese people are known for appreciation for delicious food, including their traditional morning tea dim sum. What started as a breakfast tradition, has now evolved into an art of eating various small dishes while sipping Chinese tea. Dim sum culture started in Hong Kong and Guangdong province, but has since spread throughout the world.

Let’s get real for a moment. We know that Asian food is just about the hardest (next to Indian) to replicate for Keto. So I did a bit of digging and found a few ideas.


Tell me that doesn’t look good. So this guy (I found him from our friend Craig at calls himself the Headbanger’s kitchen. LOL I love it.  Keeping in mind these are more like potstickers than traditional dim sum.

I did go out to Reddit (mind the gap, it can get dark down there) and found a few other options for doing Keto Dim Sum.

Tofu skin roll is a lot like spring rolls but the wrapper is bean curd skin. When fried, it gets crispy similar to fried spring rolls. It can have a sauce poured over it. It’s usually a savory broth-like sauce so I don’t think it has much sugar but carb content may vary by restaurant. You might try requesting the sauce on the side. Tofu skin roll is also often prepared steamed.

You can also make tofu skin rolls at home. The tried tofu wrapper package says a 90g “serving” (WAY more than you’d ever eat) has 7g net carbs. Tofu skin is very light — 90g would go a very very long way.

Siu maai/shu mai is good because it’s a solid chunk of meat with very little wrapper that can easily be taken off.


An easy modifier for cornstarch on Keto is Xanthan gum. 

Our beloved friend, the Potato
Potatoes are friends. They make things from french fries, au gratin, baked potatoes, mashed, and of course vodka.


I mean…why can’t broccoli be as amazing as potatoes are?

“French Fries”
I can’t even. This is a total trigger food for me. As I am typing this I am drooling thinking about salty, greasy french fries.

Is there such a thing as low carb french fries? Jicama is about as close as you can get. Keep in mind that Jicama is a root vegetable and has carbs, so only make as many as you can have or have more will power than I do, dear friend.

Even though jicama is a firm root, these oven-baked fries below can be. If you want them to be crisp on the outside, it’s best to fry them in oil. Make sure you use avocado oil or refined coconut oil. The reason is, you want to infuse them with fat so that you are satiated. You need to make sure if you are putting it in your mouth and in your system, it will fuel you. Or you will just have tossed food into a black hole. If you are brave and old school you can even do lard.


Au Gratin
Again we will lean on our friend the cauliflower. Now anything can be “au gratin” because it’s a sauce. A rich, tasty dairy sauce that is usually put on thinly sliced potatoes and then baked. It’s amazing if you have never had it.

I love au gratin brussel sprouts, Craig’s are my favorite.


But the more ‘authentic’ dish compared is the cauliflower au gratin.


Oh my gosh. A loaded baked potato, am I right? The bacon, the sour creme, chives….the works. You know it. I’m going back to cauliflower again, just like how I go back for seconds and thirds of bacon after I make it.

While I don’t think cauliflower is a ‘fix’ for all things potato and keto, it does offer a lot of options due to its flavor being non-existent and its versatility of its structure.



So there’s that or 40s in my case.

I have scrubbed the internet to find an amazing mash. While it’s not potato I think it would still be a good pass for the craving of the mash that you can have with turkey or ham at big holiday meals.

Hang tight dear ketotarians. We got this.


There have been so many success stories for this way of life (or way of eating). This lifestyle really is for the long haul. It’s not a diet, it’s not a trend its not a fad. It’s way of fueling your body to its best.

Because I mean, who doesn’t want to be in ketosis when it can make you feel like this.



Have an amazing day and keto on friends.

Beth -The Lazy Ketotarian


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