this would be my best hits album…

What would your greatest hits album be?

I have a list on Spotify that is “Starred” but that’s not even the half of it. I still have favorite lists that span gospel, 90s alt rock, GNO, hard rock, rap, 90s rap (see a theme?)…and the lists go on.

Not even joking this is what I modeled my look after for half of the nineties….


and then the second half, everyone just got really angry…..and I liked it…


Pictures shown above are merely to protect the innocent (me)….anywho…


My bad, the 90s is a vast hole of nostalgia that I do love.

Back to keto (+5 points if you stayed with through that micro rant)


When we started keto I got recipe burn out.

That’s the “I’m so excited to try this new recipe”…fast forward an hour later when you put way too much into it and it gives you a yield of two LITERAL cups of food. Sadness. Nothing but sadness.

See. I like to eat.

I’m not one of those high metabolic people at 40. I’m regular at 40. I’m a Mom so I have all the curves of one as well as the metabolism of one as well.

So when I eat…I need to eat smart. Or don’t and have keto face and keto butt (neither are fantastic, I promise).  Me in the middle with a big dose of keto face.


I am going to bring you tonight, in your homes, your devices and your many tabbed browser (mine has 40 right now open) the best keto recipes I have tried….AND MADE AGAIN. Which means you know they are lazy.

So without further ado. Here is my greatest hits (keto recipe version) playlist:
This is literally my laziest food because the crock pot does all the work and it feeds like a million people for days.

While you are going south of the border you might as well make some guac…

I love Asian food but without rice I get so sad.  I LOVE rice. So my trick is if I can focus on the main being SO good (just like in China) I won’t crave the rice (that’s why they give you so little).

Missing fried rice, this will do….

Having a cook out? Do yourself a solid and grab some fresh chicken thighs (always juicier) or some sausages (look at the carbs, if you have a butcher counter get them, they are better for you and taste better too). But…what for sides? I’m sure you all cringe when you look at the back of the coleslaw package or even worse the dressing (ITS ALL SUGAR). So we have replaced it with KetoSlaw. We LOVE It….I usually make it at least once a week.

It saves rather decently too (added bonus).

A little more fussier than I like but these are like….heaven in my face hole.

I love Brussels sprouts but my husband thinks they taste like farts. Yes. He has mentioned that on at least five occasions in 2017. But I made this…and HE LIKED IT. Well I loved it but…HE LIKED IT. That’s pretty dang good praise from him.

I know there are more in my million tabbed phone but this is good for now. Plus, this is a dialogue not a monologue.

I’d love to hear what you guys are loving, eating and reheating.

Until then my fellow ketotarians.



The Lazy Ketotarian
(all the 90s here…)




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