who is this ketotarian you speak of…


Oh yes, that is a beer.

Oh carbs, I love you so. I grew up with a grandmother that baked fresh bread, rolls, and sweets. A grandfather that loved good beer, steak and French fries. A Mom that made the most amazing comfort food.

Somewhere around my thirties not really sure if it was after I had my son Isaac or if it was just when I was creeping closer to forty, I realized that I never really got my mostly healthy body and life back.

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My family tree’s health is really bad. We will just put that out there. My father has had many heart issues including AFIB recently this past summer, prostate cancer (he lived through), high blood pressure and high cholesterol. His father died in his mid-50s of colon cancer and his mother of heart disease in her 70s (I wasn’t born when my grandfather died and I was quite young when my grandmother died, so dates are estimates). My mom’s side is pretty good for the most part. Most of the ladies live into their 90s and early 100s. My brother is aligning with my father and had a massive heart attack last December and my sister in law revived him and because of that, he is still here.


So let’s just say while not out of the woods. It definitely shook me to say, you gotta do this girl. Fast forward to trying literally everything. Tried the whole diet (nope), tried the Paleo diet (nope…actually gained 5lbs).

I was just like….whatever Susan (this is me whatevering).


My husband has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. We had joined a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gym as a family to have some cardio. The coach who was always a little weird told us about ketogenic and how to live that way. With joints that were feeling 40 from all the running and wearing heels, and really we had tried everything else we said sure.

So we started with www.ruled.me. I still believe that site is one of the best ways to get started. Teaches you about what is really happening with your body and how to get your macros and how to really love this thing called keto.

Now, the problem with things like this, Atkins, paleo, caveman…is that they become popular and ‘faddy’. So because of that, many non-keto sources have started to create “keto” items. Do not be fooled. They are not keto. Keto is about real food. Keto is about moving your body from a state of converting sugar and carbohydrates for energy to using fat for energy.

Now, do I love Keto? Yes. I love the way it makes me feel. I love that I feel better in my 40s than I did in my 20s or my 30s. I love that I don’t have pain in my knees from inflammation. I love that this is SO freaking easy.

Do I still hard core have a love for carbs? Yes. I love sushi, I love rice, I love buttered noodles. I love bread. I mean not like so much that I’m going to be like that lady that smooshes her face in it, but…I like hard core love it.

Do I cheat? Not that often honestly. Because when I do. I pay for it.

So what is this whole thing about? Me, the ketotarian (yah its  a play on vegetarian) and how lazy I am but still manage to stay doing it, two years later and only feel better.

What’s this blog about? Me, being lazy about cooking. I work full time, am a wife and mom. I also love to run and hike out here in beautiful Arizona. So what you will find are tips to get you through the week, quick meals you can make, lazy lunches you can totally do and encouragement-because that’s my  jam.

That’s me. The Ketotarian.



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